Monday, February 26, 2007

Another weekend gone

and I did managed to get a piece done to send out in response to a piece for my colour call. I had however sealed the envelope before i remembered to take a picture so no picture. And now my brain has gone completely blank on what it was so if it comes back to me i'll be sure to let you know. I did some painting of ATC backgrounds with acrylic paint. I have a plan for a dusk scene with a tree over it so was trying to fix the paint to get a dusky looking blue but it went it bit more grey but shall see how it looks when i put the tree over it.

It came back to me, I made a butterfly masquerade mask card - simple but in nice colours to send to Jan Robson as she had seen I liked masquerade masks and sent me a couple so I wanted to send something back of the same theme. I had it in Purple and red on a green card with yellow points in the corners to make it look like it was framed as such. I put a silver jewel in the middle of the mask as well to give it some sparkle.

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