Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Linda's Journal

Linda's Journal Page 3
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Did some more Art last night. Firstly I made use of a doodle I made in a 2 day meeting last week. Even as I created it I knew I would probably turn it into a journal page. I wanted to be specific with my doodling - I had a feeling of what it had to look like and wanted it to look right. I did it ring by ring as such working out from the original HI. The joy of a 4 colour biro was especially handy. No green in this though, I didn't think it would look right. I also did a sketch before bed whilst Sam and Matt were playing XBox 360 (I surprised Sam by buying him an XBox 360 - he was not expecting it, A big Present for him) of one of Guinea Pigs - Takumi eating. It was quite tricky as he kept eating for a little bit, then going to get some water and then coming back plus he went to bed before I had finished however I had the general gist of the picture so I just finished it off. It was nice to sketch as its been a little while since I last sketched and even longer since I did it based on a subject I was looking at rather than just from my imagination. It turned out quite well - Sam thought it was a good sketch which was nice.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Journals but no ATC's

I have been continuing in peoples journals as normal. I sent on Karen's Journal mid last week and so now I have started working in Linda's Journal. I have done 2 pages so far. One was around donating blood and I put my old blood donor card in the page. I finally got up to 5 donations in total and so I got a new blue card. I was really quite proud and this is what started the page off.
I also did a page based on reading someone elses entry in the journal. This was about how you really feel like you know someone by reading through their work in the journals and getting to see and touch them. Its such a great experience when you first get the journals and start reading them. I normally flick through at first to see the different pages and then come back to them and have a proper read, touching the pages and such. With this page, again playing with tissue paper, was doing this whilst watching fight club at like midnight on saturday. I seem to work quite well in the evenings (it was the weekend so wasn't mentally worn out from work or anything).

On the ATC front however, nothing is coming from me. I need to make some, I have unusual alphabet cards that need to be made and sent out but I have no want to make ATC's. I'm not sure what it is, I don't know if its the working on such a small scale, the fact my idea's haven't been turning out as I wanted them to or the lack of idea's (although for the unusual alphabet, I already have quite a few idea's written down). I'm just not sure what it is but I don't have the same feeling for them at the moment. I want to get my swaps completed and then maybe I will take a mini break from them or something - maybe by doing something else, my energy for them will come back. Who knows.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Will catch up

Thats right I have promised myself I will catch up on all arty stuff I need to do e.g. ATC's, journals etc before comitting myself to any new swaps or projects, no matter how much I want to join in. I am a bit behind with some bits and I want to get them completed and sent out to people as I hate being behind. People are very understanding but it does not make it any better!

I am coming to the end of my time with Karen's Journal. I took with me when I was travelling around this week and although didn't get to work in it much I did get to do this page about travelling on the train so much. Limited materials to work with hence the simplistic nature of the page but I got what I wanted to say down. Then last night after getting back from NASS I had some fun with tissue paper making this page. I wrote about our time at NASS this weekend and what a great weekend it was. Apart from that its been quiet on the arty front what with lots of travelling with work last week and a 3 day weekend at NASS. But I will be sure to keep you up to date on how I am doing with catching up on my art!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

sick and busy

Hey all, I know not alot has been going on, not alot arty has been going on at all. I was feeling not so great most of the weekend, swollen glands, throat hurting, head pains so I didn't do any arting up (we were away visiting Sam's parents, I took a journal with me but no work). I briefly did a page a couple of days ago, mainly about being ill so nothing spectacular and I not really done anything since. I have been pretty busy with work too, lots of travelling this week on trains and such, Drum lesson Monday night, Aam met me at the station Tuesday evening and we had a couple of drinks down the pub and then I did some drum practice when I got home. Tonight was travelling to London so at my dads now. Tomorrow night is free but will be packing up bits for NASS before heading out Friday morning for our weekend at NASS (National adventure sports show) - Its like a music festival but action sports instead so bmx, skate, mountain biking etc and some bands. We have never been before so should be exciting and just the 2 of us so quality time together. That has left art little time although I did write to a penpal! Sorry ladies and gentlemen - I hope to have something to show you soon.

Friday, June 06, 2008


Thats right I finally took some pictures this morning and here they are to share with you. I have completed 2 spreads in Karen's journal so far. Firstly is a spread about a leaflet I got with my scrapbooking magazine about a scrapbooking event next weekend. I am at NASS that weekend but still eyed up what I would have gone to if I wasn't and what I though of some the classes being held.

This page was fun to make as I got to just rip up bits of tissue paper and then stick them on with glue. I was trying to be random in my patterning but trying to get a good range of colour which ends up not being so random. But I like the effect it created. I did this because it made me think of leaves and hence I drew all the leaves in green pen. That shade that looks blue is more greeny. It was fun to not write on the page but most of the time I do want to write. I also have plans to make use of tissue paper as background on some other pages but in different colour although who knows what I will write on them - that is the fun :)
I also worked in Lia's journal which is all sealed up in its envelope to send from the post office today however I did not take pictures because I wanted to surprise Lia. I forgot to take pictures at all but when it comes back to me after our next round I will be sure to take pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

No Pictures

I have been doing some good journalling work recently and I haven't taken any pictures so I can update you lovely people on them. This is clearly no good so my aim for this evening is to get out the journals I have been working in and take pictures of all my pages. Then I can add pictures and tell you all about the pages. So expect a better update tomorrow!