Wednesday, June 11, 2008

sick and busy

Hey all, I know not alot has been going on, not alot arty has been going on at all. I was feeling not so great most of the weekend, swollen glands, throat hurting, head pains so I didn't do any arting up (we were away visiting Sam's parents, I took a journal with me but no work). I briefly did a page a couple of days ago, mainly about being ill so nothing spectacular and I not really done anything since. I have been pretty busy with work too, lots of travelling this week on trains and such, Drum lesson Monday night, Aam met me at the station Tuesday evening and we had a couple of drinks down the pub and then I did some drum practice when I got home. Tonight was travelling to London so at my dads now. Tomorrow night is free but will be packing up bits for NASS before heading out Friday morning for our weekend at NASS (National adventure sports show) - Its like a music festival but action sports instead so bmx, skate, mountain biking etc and some bands. We have never been before so should be exciting and just the 2 of us so quality time together. That has left art little time although I did write to a penpal! Sorry ladies and gentlemen - I hope to have something to show you soon.

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