Sunday, May 30, 2010

I let it slide again

Thats right, I got caught up in the boring aspects of life like work and chores as well as the exciting things in life like gigs and hanging out with friends etc. What this meant was it hasn't left much time for artistic stuff although now that I have moved to Cardiff and am settled in I have been doing bits and bobs.

Anyway so to my one follower, thanks for sticking with me and for those who normally just pop in and out, please pop in again for I am back and I want to start posting again and reconnecting with the artistic online world.

I have some bits to post but my camera is playing games with me so I will have to add them in a different post. Anyway, hello I am back :D

Monday, March 15, 2010

Here's looking at you

Howdy Y'all. I know this has not been updated much recently. Part of that is due to me having done less arty stuff with work knackering me out during the week and then alot pf partying at the weekends and trips back to London. However I am in America for a week, visiting family, so a little down time with give me some craft time hopefully.
So look at the guinea pig, hopefully it makes you smile and I plan to bring you craftiness very soon!

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Monochrome ATC's

Bit late posting about this, but here are my Monochrome ATC's which I made for the Monochrome swap with MixedMediaATCs. The idea of Monochrome ATC's had been in my head since I went to america and bought some great chipboard monochrome letters however when it came to making these ATC's 1) I couldn't find the chipboard letters 2) I think I had one of each letter so would not have had three M's. However the concept of what I wanted to achieve was still the same. I enjoy doing the weaving for the background and have done it in red and black for Pirate ATC's however it can be tricky.

I am unsure of where I have put the three I received for this swap however once I find them, I shall post pictures of them as well so you can see the other lovely peoples work.