Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Completed the Christmas Book

Thats right, I achieved my goal and completed my Christmas Book. Once I got started on it again, the idea's just kept coming and it was nice to just get absorbed in it. Here are some pictures.

My Book originally started with a Christmas theme however once I did the first couple of pages I realised that thinking of idea's for that many Christmas Pages would be hard however it did give me the idea to then turn it into a year theme book. So each page is a theme that is sometime in the year.
So you have valentines day, Spring, Summer, Halloween and then a couple of pages on Christmas. Then the actual outside of the journal has a winter theme :)

Where does the time go?

I cannot believe my last post mas mid november, we're close to that in December! That is awful of me! So I am back, plodding alot with some christmas crafting when I get the chance. There is so much going on with work and studying and general house stuff that art has been taking a back seat. My plan for making Christmas Cards hasn't really happened, I have made 2, yes thats the same amount as when I last posted. I have a couple of WIP's but not enough to cover my whole family so some bought cards it is going to have to be this year which is a shame as I know they like receiving my handmade cards. I just don't know if I have the push in me to make some in time for last posting dates but I am sure I will try.

What I have done some work on however is a Christmas book swap which I signed up for. I am part way through mine but must finish tonight to send it tomorrow for last USA post. These are some of the pages. It didn't have to be a christmas themed book however that's what I fancied doing. I have made some raised embellishments and on another page are baubles which are also flaps but I haven't decided what to put under them yet. Its either gonna be pictures or some nice christmas phrases. I am sure I will be inspired by something (well I hope!)
Thats about it for now however I have done a couple of journal pages recently but I'll save them for another day. Maybe I'll have some more christmas cards to show soon or maybe the finished book.