Thursday, April 19, 2007

Art Journal

In one of my ATC groups we are doing an Art Journal round robin as such. Each of us created our own journals and have sent to the next person, then we will keep sending each journal we receive to the same person until we get our own back. Well I did my workings on Pats journal last night. We get 2 pages in the journals and they are somewhere between 4 x 4 and 6 x 6. The only other thing is that you must include an ATC on at least one of the pages.
Well inspiration hit me as such and I started by painting my 2 pages with green acrylic paint. Now this was going well and I had managed to not get much on the next person's pages until I had finished. Then was it that I realised that the paint as such had soaked into the twine binding the journal so there were green rings round the twine on every page, only a couple of millimetres but I felt bad about it as not my journal. Pat was cool with it and hopefully other will be able to cover it up on their pages. So then with black pen I drew leaves on the pages, medium sized until I had a pattern across the 2 pages as such. I then made a pocket for the right hand page for putting my ATC in. I glued it on and re-drew in the leaves so it looked the same! I had previous from Pat in my Yak Pak some metal ivy leaves which are on a chain of them but I took some off individually and glued them onto the page as well. For my ATC I used the same acrylic paint for the background, used cloth flowers and put them onto the card using brads and then drew on leaves. I then put an ivy leaf in each corner.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Words or No Words?

I was having a discussion with my friend Frances last week and I was saying about ATC's and what she thought. She liked those without words and said about the quote she had heard - If you need words, your image is not strong enough? I thought this to be an interesting concept because obviously we want the image we create to speak to the person who is looking at it and so is it lacking if we need to add words? At times when I have added words, it has partially been because the ATC feels empty, like it needs something else on it and at other times kind of like a title to the piece of work. But then alot of the ATC's I have created do not contain words but does the image bring across what it needs. I do not know the answer and I am not sure what I think but thought it was a good topic of discussion! Especially to bring up into the ATC world as it seems quite different to the art world, as they are so minature. Opinions welcome!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

I apologise greatly as I have been a very busy person and so much of my life has been neglected and this blog included. But I created an ATC last night in some of the little time I have, I was looking for some stuff and was checking through all the stuff I have been sent from the emphemera swap, found the image, found the backing paper and knew they'd look great together - though I need something to go with it and I continued I found the stickers that look like typewriter keys - It was like it was meant to be p- Wish everything was that quick but then sometime its nice to know you laboured over something. So anyway enjoy the ATC and hopefully I will find some time for some creativeness real soon.