Monday, April 16, 2007

Words or No Words?

I was having a discussion with my friend Frances last week and I was saying about ATC's and what she thought. She liked those without words and said about the quote she had heard - If you need words, your image is not strong enough? I thought this to be an interesting concept because obviously we want the image we create to speak to the person who is looking at it and so is it lacking if we need to add words? At times when I have added words, it has partially been because the ATC feels empty, like it needs something else on it and at other times kind of like a title to the piece of work. But then alot of the ATC's I have created do not contain words but does the image bring across what it needs. I do not know the answer and I am not sure what I think but thought it was a good topic of discussion! Especially to bring up into the ATC world as it seems quite different to the art world, as they are so minature. Opinions welcome!

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