Friday, May 30, 2008


Mainly been journaling recently and have quite a few journals in my possesion at the moment yet I have not really take pictures of the pages I have done. I have Lia's journal as part of our journal round robin (with only 2 of us) which I will be sending for our next round this weekend. This page is from that. I have done other pages but don't want to put them all on here as want them to be a surprise to her.
I also received 2 journals from Seren for our larger round robin and so I am going to do 15 days in one and then 15 days in the next. I have already done a couple of spreads in Karen's journal but have not taken pictures yet so will do that over the weekend and post on here monday.
Then when I popped back to my dads there was another journal from seren but one from here collection to work in so now in a way I have too many journals to work in because I want to give them all a fair amount of time :) There was me complaining about no journals!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memory Lane

I was sorting stuff in my dads garage this weekend so I could bring it to our house and it was a walk down memory lane with all the stuff. I had so many pictures and such which I had cut from magazines and used to have on my walls. Now its not stuff to keep because its just cut outs from magazines and such but at the same time I didn't want to lose the memories that looking through it brought so I took some and started making some journal pages from it. They are mainly WIP's at the moment but I will add photo's in a couple of days and I'm sure I'll say more on them when I post the pictures

Friday, May 16, 2008

I did as I said

and actually did some art yesterday. It was hard at first as I wanted to but didn't feel motivated and wasn't sure it would look right but once I got into it, it was all good. I first created an ATC from butterfly images for an image lottery on one of my ATC groups. I loved the colours of the butterflies and i did something a bit different but putting them on top of eachother to make it more of a 3d card but loved the effect. I just wasn't so sure about the background once I had done it, my card seemed bland but the couple of stickers I added made it look better.
Then using the scraps from making my ATC I created a journal page which looks like someones head with no face. Its odd but I liked the effect. It almost has a bit of a punk rocker look to it :)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Small rut

I'm feeling rather unmotivated at the moment in terms of art. Part of this I know is because I am busy at work doing lots of data analysis which is turning my brain to mush and making me not want to do much. But I haven't done any art since the weekend and that was only a couple of zen ATC's in front of the TV, nothing major. Got in late from work last night and then had tons of ironing to do and by the time we had dinner it was half eight, quarter to nine and I just felt Bleurgh. I did a little stitching in front of the tv, thats quite relaxing but I didn't get much of that done either. Need to relax a bit and just go for it. Really I should at least be doing something in my journal, even if its mainly writing. Thats what I will do, I will push myself to at least do something in my journal tonight. Well another work day begins and lots more data analysis to be done, hello mushy brain :)

Monday, May 12, 2008

weekend zens

I didn't do much arting (I feel more comfortable saying it now*) over the weekend. Here are a couple of zens I did. The sunshine one is ok, I do like the yellow sun. I like the 5 of Hearts Zen alot more, more effort went into to certainly. I think I feel that alot of detail should go into zen cards. Whether this is true or not is for each person themselves to decide, I guess in my mind, a good zen card has lots of detail but then I think other people's zen's always look better than mine.
*I had a discussion on here a while back about not being comfortable calling myself an artist and the work I do as art rather than craft. But when I went to write arting, it felt right, it felt wrong to put crafting because I didn't feel thats what I was doing. I felt I was creating art. Maybe I have turned a corner. Who knows. Bring on the Art!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Pats fab package

Pat sent me though a fab package which had some many great bits in it that I still have not explored it all but want to do it when I really have time so that if I become inspired, I totally have the time to follow that inspiration. It was a mixture of my scavenger swap pack, my grab bag win and my yak pack win and she certainly spolied me. A nice big tin for altering, some stickers, paints, embellishments, images, ATC backgrounds and so much more. One big piece was a really big butterfly stamp which I just immediately wanted to use and thus the page above was born chatting about my great package. I liek the way the butterfly prints turned out as its like the butterfly is flying across the page.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

been away for the weekend

It was bank holiday weekend here in the UK and I also took the tuesday off so I have been away for a few days being adventurous. Saturday was mountain boarding which was great fun, sunday was driving to Wales, Monday was mountain biking in Afan Forest which was a great day although no one told us beforehand there was a 6km climb to get to the trails but the tiresome ride up was worth it as the trails down were great, then tuesday was drive home and chill out in Bristol. We did some great people watching and I had some great thoughts of inspiration but no journal with me so I just wrote down my possible idea's. Will be sure to take my journal next time I go people watching.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Under the Sea

Real quick entry as have been mega busy at work and want to head home. Here are my 3 ATC's that I made for the under the sea swap on my UK group. They are all similar but I did hand draw the mermaid (hence they look a little different) and had limited time (been away with work quite a bit) but I like the way they turned out. So enjoy.