Monday, May 12, 2008

weekend zens

I didn't do much arting (I feel more comfortable saying it now*) over the weekend. Here are a couple of zens I did. The sunshine one is ok, I do like the yellow sun. I like the 5 of Hearts Zen alot more, more effort went into to certainly. I think I feel that alot of detail should go into zen cards. Whether this is true or not is for each person themselves to decide, I guess in my mind, a good zen card has lots of detail but then I think other people's zen's always look better than mine.
*I had a discussion on here a while back about not being comfortable calling myself an artist and the work I do as art rather than craft. But when I went to write arting, it felt right, it felt wrong to put crafting because I didn't feel thats what I was doing. I felt I was creating art. Maybe I have turned a corner. Who knows. Bring on the Art!

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the butterfly collector said...

keep on arting! AND thanks for visting the butterfly collector!