Thursday, May 15, 2008

Small rut

I'm feeling rather unmotivated at the moment in terms of art. Part of this I know is because I am busy at work doing lots of data analysis which is turning my brain to mush and making me not want to do much. But I haven't done any art since the weekend and that was only a couple of zen ATC's in front of the TV, nothing major. Got in late from work last night and then had tons of ironing to do and by the time we had dinner it was half eight, quarter to nine and I just felt Bleurgh. I did a little stitching in front of the tv, thats quite relaxing but I didn't get much of that done either. Need to relax a bit and just go for it. Really I should at least be doing something in my journal, even if its mainly writing. Thats what I will do, I will push myself to at least do something in my journal tonight. Well another work day begins and lots more data analysis to be done, hello mushy brain :)

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