Friday, May 30, 2008


Mainly been journaling recently and have quite a few journals in my possesion at the moment yet I have not really take pictures of the pages I have done. I have Lia's journal as part of our journal round robin (with only 2 of us) which I will be sending for our next round this weekend. This page is from that. I have done other pages but don't want to put them all on here as want them to be a surprise to her.
I also received 2 journals from Seren for our larger round robin and so I am going to do 15 days in one and then 15 days in the next. I have already done a couple of spreads in Karen's journal but have not taken pictures yet so will do that over the weekend and post on here monday.
Then when I popped back to my dads there was another journal from seren but one from here collection to work in so now in a way I have too many journals to work in because I want to give them all a fair amount of time :) There was me complaining about no journals!

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