Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cockerel Progress

Not alot has been going on the art front round here as its been a super busy week at work. I have had a nice relaxing weekend though. Today I painted some backgrounds for one of the journals I have. The main thing that has progressed is the stitching I am working on. I want to get it finished so I can move on to another piece or move back onto the noah's ark piece to finally finish it. So my plan is to crack on with this although I am thinking about having some relaxing fun making a couple of zen ATC's.

However on the Rat front they are getting bigger. We cleaned them out today so got to have a proper play with the babies. Here is a picture of the oldest litter who have got fur and ears but cannot see yet.

Monday, March 23, 2009

bits and bobs

Its fun making use of the leftovers and using the cut-off's of the photo's I used for the scrapbooking was super fun. There was something intriguing about the bits of photo's being put together. Its like you are looking in on something but you don't quite know what it is so you have to put it together yourself. Well thats what I think anyway but thats the beauty of putting it all together. What will the viewer discover!

Here is an update of the cockerel stitching, see bit by bit it is getting there, who knows I might be finished by the middle of the year :) Well hopefully sooner than that, then I can find a new piece to create. I need days and days of free time and no work to catch up on all the fun and arty things and turn some of my idea's into reality

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Proper Update

As said yesterday here is my proper update. I finally sent off that journal from my livejournal swap after doing a couple more pages. Its been a busy couple of weeks with us adopting 3 rats who are super cute, Sam buying a new car this lovely mx5
and then 2 of ours rats having babies. Well Nemi had babies on tuesday which was a big shock for me when I got home. And then Huskey developed a cyst so we took her to the vets saturday and noticed she was looking decidely round as well where the vet confirmed she was pregnant to and has given birth to her litter today. So there are many rats here. Because we adopted not bought, there was a limit to what pets at home could do but have lent us cages so we seperate Huskey before she had her litter and then when they get old enough we will split the boys out so we don't get any more. Then it'll be about finding new homes for them all.

On the art front I did finally create a scrapbooking page and I like it. It was nice to finally take the pictures from our roadtrip and make a page from them. I might do a second page but not today. Plus I have been doing more of the cockerel stitching, it really is slow moving but I am getting there bit by bit and apart from finishing some penpal letter tonight, I plan to do some more of the stitching whilst watching Lost :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Quick Update

Do have things to add and have been meaning to all week but I am free time tomorrow so a proper update tomorrow it will be. However excited as I finally bought the road trip scrapbooking kit I bought over a year ago and have found the photo's I plan to use with it so looking forward to having a go at putting together my first ever proper scrapooking page tomorrow :)
More to follow tomorrow.

Monday, March 09, 2009


I do think Butterflies are awesome which is why I always get involved in swaps which include butterflies because I know I will always get an idea to run with. This time I made use of a giant poster I got from a newspaper which had lots of butterflies on them and what they actually were. So my ATC's this time round are nice to look at and educational as well :)

It seems like Sunday always end up being an Art day as Sam heads back to Swindon in the afternoon so I can completely free time with no thought about work which allow me to be creative. I just need to get myself in the habit of being creative in the week as well. I also did a journal page which I will post when I remember

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Sorting leads to more mess

I have a couple of days off work which is nice. Got leave to use up so took a couple of days. I was trying to sort through some stuff yesterday which only led to me rediscovering fab bits to use plus a couple of pieces of stitching I had started. So I decided to finish one of them which is a halloween piece. Its all completed not although there are supposed to be lots of french knots on it but I tried and tried and could not do them so I am leaving them off. Its look fine without it. I managed to do french knots well once for a Tatty Ted piece but rarely use them so then when it comes to doing them somehow they just don't work out.

I have also been doing a little journalling. Am planning to hit the post office tomorrow with many packages so wanted to get some things completed. One of which is Shirley's journal, part of the swap. I will be sending it on although have not received another one yet but thats good because otherwise I'd worry. Here is a page from it, I did a couple of others but don't want to give it all away cos I might not do anything else and then what will I chat about :) Although with the free time I am hoping to do some fun pieces :)

Monday, March 02, 2009

Slow and steady

I have been plodding along bit by bit with my stitching and so it slowly progresses. So much for my at least one a month from the calender. Its nice to get one a day but how would anyone stitch one a day :)

Been doing little bits in this journal which is part of a swap in my penpal group on livejournal. I need to get it sent on but still want to do a couple of pages. So I need to find the time. Plus its finding time to go to the post office. Damn them and their being open only during working hours :) Got many packages to send which I need to pack up and get down there. Still haven't had a proper chance to enjoy my awesome scrapbook kit and the many other bits I have bought from hobbycraft recently. Maybe this weekend.