Monday, February 26, 2007

Another weekend gone

and I did managed to get a piece done to send out in response to a piece for my colour call. I had however sealed the envelope before i remembered to take a picture so no picture. And now my brain has gone completely blank on what it was so if it comes back to me i'll be sure to let you know. I did some painting of ATC backgrounds with acrylic paint. I have a plan for a dusk scene with a tree over it so was trying to fix the paint to get a dusky looking blue but it went it bit more grey but shall see how it looks when i put the tree over it.

It came back to me, I made a butterfly masquerade mask card - simple but in nice colours to send to Jan Robson as she had seen I liked masquerade masks and sent me a couple so I wanted to send something back of the same theme. I had it in Purple and red on a green card with yellow points in the corners to make it look like it was framed as such. I put a silver jewel in the middle of the mask as well to give it some sparkle.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Productive Evening

I actually got quite alot of stuff done last night and I rediscovered some stuff I had forgotten about which made me quite happy. This colour wheel was an idea I had at work yesterday but it is a work in progress as I want to put it on top of something with a brad so it spins but am not sure what to put behind it at the moment so I nedd to have a think!

Anyway I remember about some thing I had bought a while ago, in most some oriental papers and so i fished the small box out with the stuff in and looked at the other stuff I had bought. Well I had also put in there some images that Cheryl Novey sent to me when she sent my Moon Goddess ATC's and i had forgotten about. They are not images i usually have because I don't have many, I do need to get more and I found this one of a little boy with boxing gloves (he makes me think of my cousins little boy) - I had some whimsical wallpaper looking paper from a scrapbooking magazine that I knew would go well and thus the ATC was created - its not quite finished - i want to put the words Little Boy Boxer along the side and bottom for finishing touches.

Also in this box of goodies were some stamps I had bought and in them was this yellow/orange stamp which I think is quite colourful - this inspired me to use it in a colour piece and then using the corresponding card to match with the colours in the stamp the piece below was created. I was very precise in measuring to make sure I would have the same gap each side but more rough when sticking it down. Art is not about precision :) This piece is going to be sent to Denise Hunley, I even have a premade envelope to send it in - a creation i did a while ago, it just has lots of writing on it - me getting my thoughts out and then I have turned it into an envelope to send those thoughts out into the world.

So then I got back to my oriental papers and I made 2 ATC backgrounds. I am not sure what I am going to put on them yet but I knew they would make great backgrounds so then next time I want to do come working on them, the backgrounds are already done. So as you can see lots of work done last night - it made me very happy and I hope I am as productive tonight.

Also i decided to send out some of the postcards / stuff I had already made and so am sending this black and white postcard out to Laura Ray on the Postal Press List - my hope is one day to have sent something to everyone on the list!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Thats right i made some bases for squares on Saturday afternoon. I had lots of left over card so I wanted to make use of it - some bits i made into ATC bases and then if edges were left I realised I could make them into 1" squares. So i painted some the other day with acrylic paint, which are the ones at the bottom and the others i coloured using an inkpad. I dabbed the card on it and where I was trying to push it onto the card was where I ended up with the brighter patches of colour. On other bits it is more faded but where the flash went off it makes it look like there is no colour. I have yet to have found images to put on them yet but it was fun just making the bases. I am think of maybe doodling on a couple but I do want to find some images to go on them.

Monday, February 19, 2007

More Its Only Words ATC's

Thats right I finished off my last 3 it's only words ATC's and got them sent off - so hopefully soon people will be able to see what lovely one's I get in return.
I finished off my Brown Eyed Girl one, I did a Time Warp one from the Rocky Horrow show which is on Black card and has what looks like a vortex on it and then in pink are the words to the chorus - running along, its hard to see them in the picture (to be added later) but thats why bits of the vortex stop so as not to go over the words.
And then my last one is raindrops on the card with the words I'm only happy when it rains running along with them - this is Garbage's - I'm only happy when it Rains and although its quite a simple one I really like it. My last 3 are quite simple as they were a bit rushed - needed to get them in before the deadline but I like them none the less - this last week went really quick and i suddenly had less time than I thought!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Its only words ATC swap

I had a busy day of crafting yesterday - I made 4 more ATC's for the its only words swap which I have to have in for the 19th February which is fine - I only have 3 more to make and I am going to try and get them done today. The thinking behind its only words is that each card must contain song lyrics or song title on them and so I have gone with song lyrics. Each card has some lyrics on it and the pictures relate to either the lyrics on the page or the title of the song
. So far I have done Kaiser Chief - I predict a Riot, Green Days - Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Money makes the World go Around from Cabaret, Placebo - Pure Morning, The White Stripes - Hotel Yorba and Everclear - I will Buy you a New Life.

I have Van Morrison - Brown Eyed Girl as a definate one I am going to make and then I am still deciding on the other two. Its fun as I love music so making them based on the music I like has been great.

Yesterday I also started to make some squares as inspired by Lia - I only did the making them in terms of painting with acrylics and making them then into 1" squares - I haven't decided what kinds of images I am going to put on them yet. I also made a 2" square to use as a base for making something for the Small Art Project on but again not sure where thats going to lead yet.

Monday, February 05, 2007


Yep I made the effort Wednesday evening and although I only made one thing, it is one thing more than I might have done. I made a nice sunset postcard to send out to one of the people who have sent me something for my colour swap. I did the sun in pen and then blended pencils together to create the sunset effect coming from the sun. I found it fun and although simple I still think it looked lovely and was a good use of colour. I sent it to Miguel Jimenez who's work you can see through my links of what people have sent me.
Yesterday evening I was out with a friend so no art yesterday although I have over the last few days at work been writing bits for my mini journal I am going to do for serendipity's swap on her website - that also can be found on my links. I'm going personal with this zine because thats what I feel like doing - it can be alot easier to tell things to people who don't know you.

Photo of sunset postcard to follow


There never seems to be enough time to get the things done you want to. There are soooo many things creatively that I want to be working on and i seem to be getting nothing done at the moment. I have ATC's I want to make, Mail Art to make to send to people, Cards i want to make for friends, the list goes on. Maybe I should just stop sleeping to fit it all in although that would then make me a very grumpy person!!!
The other thing that hinders me is forgetting the great ideas I come up with. I seem to think of all my best idea's when I am travelling say in my car or on the train and especially when driving I can't write them down! I try and keep it in the forefront of my mind but it is known to wander easily and then poof idea gone. Sometimes I re-remember them at a later date but I am sure many a great idea has vanished because of this.
Of course I am sure we all have certain things that we feel hinder our creativeness - its just working out how to overcome them thats the tricky bit!
Anyway I plan tonight to get myself into gear and do some of the things I want to do, not get sidetracked by house stuff and all those over kinds of things that seem to sidetrack you of an evening!!!!