Sunday, February 11, 2007

Its only words ATC swap

I had a busy day of crafting yesterday - I made 4 more ATC's for the its only words swap which I have to have in for the 19th February which is fine - I only have 3 more to make and I am going to try and get them done today. The thinking behind its only words is that each card must contain song lyrics or song title on them and so I have gone with song lyrics. Each card has some lyrics on it and the pictures relate to either the lyrics on the page or the title of the song
. So far I have done Kaiser Chief - I predict a Riot, Green Days - Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Money makes the World go Around from Cabaret, Placebo - Pure Morning, The White Stripes - Hotel Yorba and Everclear - I will Buy you a New Life.

I have Van Morrison - Brown Eyed Girl as a definate one I am going to make and then I am still deciding on the other two. Its fun as I love music so making them based on the music I like has been great.

Yesterday I also started to make some squares as inspired by Lia - I only did the making them in terms of painting with acrylics and making them then into 1" squares - I haven't decided what kinds of images I am going to put on them yet. I also made a 2" square to use as a base for making something for the Small Art Project on but again not sure where thats going to lead yet.

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