Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Thats right i made some bases for squares on Saturday afternoon. I had lots of left over card so I wanted to make use of it - some bits i made into ATC bases and then if edges were left I realised I could make them into 1" squares. So i painted some the other day with acrylic paint, which are the ones at the bottom and the others i coloured using an inkpad. I dabbed the card on it and where I was trying to push it onto the card was where I ended up with the brighter patches of colour. On other bits it is more faded but where the flash went off it makes it look like there is no colour. I have yet to have found images to put on them yet but it was fun just making the bases. I am think of maybe doodling on a couple but I do want to find some images to go on them.

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