Friday, February 23, 2007

Productive Evening

I actually got quite alot of stuff done last night and I rediscovered some stuff I had forgotten about which made me quite happy. This colour wheel was an idea I had at work yesterday but it is a work in progress as I want to put it on top of something with a brad so it spins but am not sure what to put behind it at the moment so I nedd to have a think!

Anyway I remember about some thing I had bought a while ago, in most some oriental papers and so i fished the small box out with the stuff in and looked at the other stuff I had bought. Well I had also put in there some images that Cheryl Novey sent to me when she sent my Moon Goddess ATC's and i had forgotten about. They are not images i usually have because I don't have many, I do need to get more and I found this one of a little boy with boxing gloves (he makes me think of my cousins little boy) - I had some whimsical wallpaper looking paper from a scrapbooking magazine that I knew would go well and thus the ATC was created - its not quite finished - i want to put the words Little Boy Boxer along the side and bottom for finishing touches.

Also in this box of goodies were some stamps I had bought and in them was this yellow/orange stamp which I think is quite colourful - this inspired me to use it in a colour piece and then using the corresponding card to match with the colours in the stamp the piece below was created. I was very precise in measuring to make sure I would have the same gap each side but more rough when sticking it down. Art is not about precision :) This piece is going to be sent to Denise Hunley, I even have a premade envelope to send it in - a creation i did a while ago, it just has lots of writing on it - me getting my thoughts out and then I have turned it into an envelope to send those thoughts out into the world.

So then I got back to my oriental papers and I made 2 ATC backgrounds. I am not sure what I am going to put on them yet but I knew they would make great backgrounds so then next time I want to do come working on them, the backgrounds are already done. So as you can see lots of work done last night - it made me very happy and I hope I am as productive tonight.

Also i decided to send out some of the postcards / stuff I had already made and so am sending this black and white postcard out to Laura Ray on the Postal Press List - my hope is one day to have sent something to everyone on the list!

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lia said...

wow, wow, WOW. you have been busy!!! I love this postcard and the mail art you do! I am trying to get into doing more atc's. I like making them on playing cards more than cardstock, so I'm going with that for now. I made seaside for a friend, but I can trade with you should you see something I put up in the future that you like. talk soon, happy arting!