Monday, January 28, 2008

Busy journaling weekend

That's right I was a busy bee this weekend, working on a number of journal pages. I have 2 journals currently with me, one is Nathalie's from our journal round swap which is going on and I have a couple more days before I need to send it back and also the Good or Evil Journal which I have had far too long but hadn't done many pages in so wanted to do a few more before I sent it back.
So in Nathalie's journal I have done 2, 2pages spreads. The first I did is around the issues I have had with Sam this weekend and so I did one page with red paper, one page with black paper and then with acrylic paint, did a heart in the middle but with it being the corresponding colour on the opposite page. It was nice to get my acrylic paints out again even though I didn't do much painting with them. I only have a small amount so I don't do backgrounds often and I may start but its fun to do little bits. It gave a really good effect and I wrote in black on the red and silver on the black, crossing over for the hearts. It looks awesome and I will add pictures when I get the loading of my photo's on our computer sorted. It is annoying me not being able to put pictures up because makes the entries more interesting but don't want to not write anything until I have photo's!
The 2nd double page spread was using different scraps of paper which had been left over from other projects. I often throw the bits away but I feel its a waste but then you cannot sometimes see who they can be used so this page is a bit random but it is a celebration of those scraps! It was fun to make.

In the Good or Evil Journal I put light blue card as an underlay and then used acrylic paint to put a few clouds on the page in white. I then used my black journaling pen to put some sentences around the clouds. I thought the page looked a bit empty so wrote some things about why I liked clouds and drew cloud lines round them. Its a peaceful page.
I half started a 2nd double spread for this. Again light blue paper but then I bought some rub ons which had butterflies and bee's and such on and I am going to do something with these but not decided what yet.

So as you can see a good weekend for journaling. I got my arse in gear on Friday night and put together all the grab bags I owed on my blindswapatcs group so got them sent out Saturday morning as well as finally finishing all the rest of H cards and sending them out. I also re found an old cross stitch project I had been working on which I had planned to do for Sam's sisters little boy Glaeken, a nice Noah's ark piece. I start ages ago and as part of my finishing projects before starting new ones so I am working hard to finish this and then I can hopefully think about my new cross stitch project :)

Friday, January 18, 2008

New Work

Yes finally I have done some new work and although only a small piece it was a time consuming piece. Having read about people carrying mini journals in their bags with a selection of equipment and having some spare time whilst in sainsbury's where things were on sale, I bought some small mini books, a cd case of mini pencils, a super prit stick (even does card, plastic and such) and a 4 coloured biro to always have in my bag. Well I was travelling up to Bristol on the train a journey that took just under 4 hours rather than an hour and a half and i coloured all the little patchwork squares and then used my biro to make it look like patchwork. Being a sucker for a colour, i loved wprking on this piece, it was quite peacful to do (although kept nearly tipping all the mini pencils on the floor) and certainly made my journey not so boring, I think it looks cute and fun.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fixed - Horray

Apologies to anyone who had been trying to view my blog and had been redirected to another page. I don't know why it started happened but it appears to have been linked to a link I had from another site which had been on there ages so who knows why it started doing it now. However I have fixed it now so you can enjoy this blog to your hearts delight!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Year, New Start?

Which I am sure is what we all think when a new year comes round, it is a fresh slate, we will do all those things we'd said we'd do, we'll be better at things. I am the same but i like to try and mainly keep them in my head because I rarely do what i say I will. However I will share with you the few I have been thinking.

1) Finish a project because starting another to stop me being left with many unfinished projects
2) Be more adventurous is my art and stop worrying what other people will think - its supposed to be my fun so why worry!
3) Get out and do things more, time is ticking and even if its only a small adventure, its better than no adventure at all
4) Try not to horde so much stuff - I am in the process of throwing loads of stuff out with my move into the house we have bought so throwing away magazines and such that i'll probably never read (not any craft ones though)
5) Linked to that, start using the fun things I buy!
6) Try and see friends more - It always seems like you are busy and you think I could see them after work but i'll be tired but its about making that effort - it'll always be worth it once you get there!

I think that will do for now - I could go into try and be fitter and healthier but we all know that one never sticks ;)