Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Year, New Start?

Which I am sure is what we all think when a new year comes round, it is a fresh slate, we will do all those things we'd said we'd do, we'll be better at things. I am the same but i like to try and mainly keep them in my head because I rarely do what i say I will. However I will share with you the few I have been thinking.

1) Finish a project because starting another to stop me being left with many unfinished projects
2) Be more adventurous is my art and stop worrying what other people will think - its supposed to be my fun so why worry!
3) Get out and do things more, time is ticking and even if its only a small adventure, its better than no adventure at all
4) Try not to horde so much stuff - I am in the process of throwing loads of stuff out with my move into the house we have bought so throwing away magazines and such that i'll probably never read (not any craft ones though)
5) Linked to that, start using the fun things I buy!
6) Try and see friends more - It always seems like you are busy and you think I could see them after work but i'll be tired but its about making that effort - it'll always be worth it once you get there!

I think that will do for now - I could go into try and be fitter and healthier but we all know that one never sticks ;)

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