Friday, January 18, 2008

New Work

Yes finally I have done some new work and although only a small piece it was a time consuming piece. Having read about people carrying mini journals in their bags with a selection of equipment and having some spare time whilst in sainsbury's where things were on sale, I bought some small mini books, a cd case of mini pencils, a super prit stick (even does card, plastic and such) and a 4 coloured biro to always have in my bag. Well I was travelling up to Bristol on the train a journey that took just under 4 hours rather than an hour and a half and i coloured all the little patchwork squares and then used my biro to make it look like patchwork. Being a sucker for a colour, i loved wprking on this piece, it was quite peacful to do (although kept nearly tipping all the mini pencils on the floor) and certainly made my journey not so boring, I think it looks cute and fun.


Anonymous said...

That is pretty. What exactly is a biro?

Seuss's Cat said...

A biro is a pen, you know a pen that isn't a gel pen. Just a normal pen. Thanks glad you like it was fun to make!