Thursday, January 29, 2009


Thats right, amazingly now when I need to concentrate on revising and am not having to worry about work, now I am being hit by bits of inspiration and I don't have the time to think about following it. But I still keep doing bits anyway because I don't want to lose this inspiration. So this WIP I had previously I finished off with some writing today in the library.
I have been taking it with me to the library everyday so that when I take breaks or get hit by something, it is there to hand. And so some art has happened.
I have continued with the cockeral stitching as well so there has been a bit more progress with that as well.

Once my final exam is over tomorrow and I have had many drinks, whilst recovering on Saturday I plan to use some of the time to develop some of the idea's I have had over the last few days.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cluck Cluck

Firstly I made a start on my cross stitching project that I showed previously. As you can see its not got far yet but I an working on it, my exams are weds and fri so then I will have more time for these sorts of things.
I also did a journal page today whilst watching Phantom of the Opera and catching up on correspondence. Got a thing about patterns but I did enjoy creating it, there is just something about the squares and the way they are made up of squares.
Apart from that its been all work and revision round here. But not for too much longer.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

injured foot

Thats right during a fun weekend in Cardiff, I have injured my foot. We were staying in a nice hotel and getting in their swimming pool Saturday afternoon I slipped along the edge of the step, you wouldn't have thought much of it, apart from hurting lots. And this is the current state of my foot. It doesn't hurt generally but maes walking a little difficult at times. But that didn't stop us heading out for some drinking that night and dancing at an 80's club called Reflex. All the 80's music was awesome so we had a good laugh and headed back to the hotel sometime past 11.
As for Art, none was done over the weekend although I did do some revision yesterday afternoon at the hotel. I need to do some more this evening as well as my exams are just over a week away. However I have a plan for some cross stitching. I got a cross stitch pattern a day calender which is awesome and I plan to complete as many as I can this year (well that I like anyway). So here is the first one I plan to do, Angie in America loves cockerals so I thought she would like this. I like to cross stitch for others otherwise my house would be way too full of cross stitched stuff :) Plus its nice to give gifts.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Good idea's wasted

I have had some good ideas recently but no time to put them into action. Admitedly as usual they come at bad times like when I am driving, one of the best times to think. Thing is I know when I find the time, I won't feel the same about the idea. It won't have the same appeal, like the moment has gone, the feeling that went with it won't be there and in my mind I won't think it'll work so it never happens. Well maybe it will happen but we shall see.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bit late for Christmas stuff ....

But I was behind the whole way leading up to Christmas and I have a couple of small stitching kits so I am thinking work on them now and then they'll be ready for Christmas Cards next year :) Plus cos I am busy studying at the moment its small projects that I can just pick up and put down which is nice. This working and studying is hard work. But I have learnt a lesson from this first semester, keep up with everything during the term and start my assignments earlier.

So true to my resolution I have made time for a little art and to update this blog. But it is only the first week of the resolution so we shall see how it goes. Last night (and I mean late) I got some inspiration and started doing some stuff in my journal. Both pages are works in progress because on the left is just the background for something and the right was me spilling my mind on the page but I was to ass some colour to it. It was nice to be being creative again but no time for it at the moment. Need to focus on these assignments :)

Monday, January 05, 2009

New Year, New Art

Hello to you all who actually still come here. Happy New Year. I know in the last few months my updating of this has been poor which is why I have made a resolution to update this at least once a week and this coincides with my other resolution which is to make time for Art as least once a week. Now previously I would have said that wouldn't be a problem but since starting this new role in Spetember, starting studying my CIPD part time in October and having a drum lesson once a week as well as trying to get to the gym, Art has not been given enough time. And thus my resolution has been made.

Me and Sam popped to the mall at the weekend which meant I got to pop in Hobbycraft and I bought a few bits which were on sale. I didn't necessarily need the stuff but it was all in sale so meant I got it cheaper than I would at other times throughout the year. Now I just need to find the time to play with it. It won't be this week as I have 2 assignments for CIPD due next wednesday and I have much work to do on them. But I will make some time at the weekend thus fulfilling my once a week goal.
I bought some lovely papers and a pack full of christmas stuff which was super cheap. Some new glue (I am running low) and some canvas panels (only small) as I do plan on getting out my acrylic set I was bought a couple of years ago to try and do some stuff with.