Monday, January 05, 2009

New Year, New Art

Hello to you all who actually still come here. Happy New Year. I know in the last few months my updating of this has been poor which is why I have made a resolution to update this at least once a week and this coincides with my other resolution which is to make time for Art as least once a week. Now previously I would have said that wouldn't be a problem but since starting this new role in Spetember, starting studying my CIPD part time in October and having a drum lesson once a week as well as trying to get to the gym, Art has not been given enough time. And thus my resolution has been made.

Me and Sam popped to the mall at the weekend which meant I got to pop in Hobbycraft and I bought a few bits which were on sale. I didn't necessarily need the stuff but it was all in sale so meant I got it cheaper than I would at other times throughout the year. Now I just need to find the time to play with it. It won't be this week as I have 2 assignments for CIPD due next wednesday and I have much work to do on them. But I will make some time at the weekend thus fulfilling my once a week goal.
I bought some lovely papers and a pack full of christmas stuff which was super cheap. Some new glue (I am running low) and some canvas panels (only small) as I do plan on getting out my acrylic set I was bought a couple of years ago to try and do some stuff with.

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