Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bit late for Christmas stuff ....

But I was behind the whole way leading up to Christmas and I have a couple of small stitching kits so I am thinking work on them now and then they'll be ready for Christmas Cards next year :) Plus cos I am busy studying at the moment its small projects that I can just pick up and put down which is nice. This working and studying is hard work. But I have learnt a lesson from this first semester, keep up with everything during the term and start my assignments earlier.

So true to my resolution I have made time for a little art and to update this blog. But it is only the first week of the resolution so we shall see how it goes. Last night (and I mean late) I got some inspiration and started doing some stuff in my journal. Both pages are works in progress because on the left is just the background for something and the right was me spilling my mind on the page but I was to ass some colour to it. It was nice to be being creative again but no time for it at the moment. Need to focus on these assignments :)

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