Sunday, March 22, 2009

Proper Update

As said yesterday here is my proper update. I finally sent off that journal from my livejournal swap after doing a couple more pages. Its been a busy couple of weeks with us adopting 3 rats who are super cute, Sam buying a new car this lovely mx5
and then 2 of ours rats having babies. Well Nemi had babies on tuesday which was a big shock for me when I got home. And then Huskey developed a cyst so we took her to the vets saturday and noticed she was looking decidely round as well where the vet confirmed she was pregnant to and has given birth to her litter today. So there are many rats here. Because we adopted not bought, there was a limit to what pets at home could do but have lent us cages so we seperate Huskey before she had her litter and then when they get old enough we will split the boys out so we don't get any more. Then it'll be about finding new homes for them all.

On the art front I did finally create a scrapbooking page and I like it. It was nice to finally take the pictures from our roadtrip and make a page from them. I might do a second page but not today. Plus I have been doing more of the cockerel stitching, it really is slow moving but I am getting there bit by bit and apart from finishing some penpal letter tonight, I plan to do some more of the stitching whilst watching Lost :)


Anonymous said...

Baaaaaaabbby rats....that must have been a shock. How many are there total?
Love the scrap book page!!

Seuss's Cat said...

Yes they were a shock, well the first litter was, the second litter wqe were a little more prepared for. 22 babies in total.

Glad you like the scrapbook page. It makes me laugh thinking about our trip. I might make another page making use of some of the other photo's I have but also seeing what others took from our photobucket page. You'll have to email me the login though as totally forgotten it