Monday, June 23, 2008

Journals but no ATC's

I have been continuing in peoples journals as normal. I sent on Karen's Journal mid last week and so now I have started working in Linda's Journal. I have done 2 pages so far. One was around donating blood and I put my old blood donor card in the page. I finally got up to 5 donations in total and so I got a new blue card. I was really quite proud and this is what started the page off.
I also did a page based on reading someone elses entry in the journal. This was about how you really feel like you know someone by reading through their work in the journals and getting to see and touch them. Its such a great experience when you first get the journals and start reading them. I normally flick through at first to see the different pages and then come back to them and have a proper read, touching the pages and such. With this page, again playing with tissue paper, was doing this whilst watching fight club at like midnight on saturday. I seem to work quite well in the evenings (it was the weekend so wasn't mentally worn out from work or anything).

On the ATC front however, nothing is coming from me. I need to make some, I have unusual alphabet cards that need to be made and sent out but I have no want to make ATC's. I'm not sure what it is, I don't know if its the working on such a small scale, the fact my idea's haven't been turning out as I wanted them to or the lack of idea's (although for the unusual alphabet, I already have quite a few idea's written down). I'm just not sure what it is but I don't have the same feeling for them at the moment. I want to get my swaps completed and then maybe I will take a mini break from them or something - maybe by doing something else, my energy for them will come back. Who knows.

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