Friday, June 06, 2008


Thats right I finally took some pictures this morning and here they are to share with you. I have completed 2 spreads in Karen's journal so far. Firstly is a spread about a leaflet I got with my scrapbooking magazine about a scrapbooking event next weekend. I am at NASS that weekend but still eyed up what I would have gone to if I wasn't and what I though of some the classes being held.

This page was fun to make as I got to just rip up bits of tissue paper and then stick them on with glue. I was trying to be random in my patterning but trying to get a good range of colour which ends up not being so random. But I like the effect it created. I did this because it made me think of leaves and hence I drew all the leaves in green pen. That shade that looks blue is more greeny. It was fun to not write on the page but most of the time I do want to write. I also have plans to make use of tissue paper as background on some other pages but in different colour although who knows what I will write on them - that is the fun :)
I also worked in Lia's journal which is all sealed up in its envelope to send from the post office today however I did not take pictures because I wanted to surprise Lia. I forgot to take pictures at all but when it comes back to me after our next round I will be sure to take pictures for your viewing pleasure.


Janet said...

I'm so envious of your ability to do these art journal pages. I just have a mind-block when it comes to doing journal pages although I am taking a class and hopefully it will help get me through this blockage.

Seuss's Cat said...

We all have abilities that others don't and every artist is always envious of another artist in some shape or form because being individuals, our strengths are all different. I hope your class is going well. What is it teaching you?