Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Fun at the weekend

Thats right I got the creative juices flowing this weekend and created a few things. I amde this sunset building postcard. I have seen things like this before and i like the dark of the buildings standing out against the colour of the sunset. I sent this out as a piece in return for one of the colour pieces sent to me. I also sent out some extra bits with it as Matu had sent me some bits to play with. I also made a postcard fro my friend on a similar theme, using purple and blues for the background and only one building, it was portrait postcard. I however forgot to take a picture.
I also did some ATC making over the weekend which I have yet to have taken pictures of yet, these are to send out in a blind swap and just before the weekend I received my 3 from Satu. You can see them in Seuss's Cat's Post - there's a link to the side. Where I had made some acrylic paint background's I used a mixed colour one as a duck kind of look and then used black card to make tree branches so its that effect you get of tree's in dusk. Its a effect that I love when you are looking at tree's so though it would make a nice ATC. I also made a small well on a hill one which says, make a wish over it. I will post pictures of these over the next couple of days before I send them off.

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lia said...

love the building postcard! I also love hearing about what inspires you. so wonderful that you put this in your artwork! I really want to experiment more like this with things I see outside and things I like. you are an inspiration! keep plugging away!