Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sunday Creativity

Having had a lovely weekend in Bristol with my man I came back sunday afternoon to find my YAK PAK from pat containing loads of wonderful wallpapers and embellishments so of course what better way to spend my afternoon/evening than being creative. So I spent some time finishing off and starting new cards for the butterfly swap I am hosting. I finished off my reflection card, reflecting the word reflection by filling in what would normally be empty - I am not sure you can tell it says reflection on the other side but I know it does :) Then I used some wallpaper that Pat had sent to make the base of the card for the stitched butterflies. I designed the butterflies quick on paper and then stitched 3, each in different colours to add on. I put PVA glue on the backs to harden them up so I could cut them off the aida and then in the morning glued them on the card. I think they look cute and its a way of incorporatin my love of cross stitch. It also means that i feel i achieved something with my stitching because being small, they are quick to finish.
The final card here I had already completed sometime last week but forgotten to put on here so I though I would add it on now. I have actually i think 9 butterfly cards in various works of progress and seeing as the swap is a 6/6 I will have a few extra to swap with people. And all this whilst watching lost.

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