Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Crafty weekend

Thats right another weekend of craft. That is when I get the most time though I need to fit it in during the week more as I need to get a crack on with some Colour art to send back out. I am slowly working through the list and then i get more in which makes the list longer :)

I actually did a page in the journal i bought a few weeks ago. I was inspired by the sunshine outside my window and the feelings that felt good to get down. Hopefully my next pages will contain more art and less writing - that is the plan anyway.

I made a start on the ATC's for my butterfly swap I am hosting on one of my yahoogroups. I actually had the 1st entry arrive monday morning but I will not post them all on here as they won't all be my ATC's but I will post the 6 I end up keeping myself. I also got some interesting bits with it, some acetate tags and some jelly blocks as well instead of postage. They will be interesting to play with. Most of the butterfly ATC's are works in progress and so are not finished but thought I'd show what I did. On the left is like butterfly reflection which took alot of hard work to move all the little bits (I know you can get cool paper that holds it all for you but I did it the hard way. Then on the right is the very colourful butterfly. I enjoyed thinking about which sections to colour in. I do not know yet what I am going to add to either of these but I have until April 1st so maybe inspiration will hit. The sequined butterflies are done, I put them on a mottled looking blue background so it looks like they are in the sky. It was hard work gluing all the sequins down and making sure they stayed but i like the shiny effect.
I finished little boy boxer off last week and I like it, I sent it as part of a blind swap. I also created another ATC which I am sending in a swap with Lia and so I will not be posting a picture about it until after she has received it, but I really like it, it was fun to make and incorporated other crafty aspects I like.


lia said...

Hi Lauren! Oh, I looove your journal page and the sun as well as the colorful butterflies. So good that you get in creative time on the weekend. I think you did quite alot! I usually can't do alot of swaps at once, but seems you got a hang of it, plus hosting, woo! love the little guy too in the atc. talk soon! Lia

BlueJude said...

Cool beans! I like the building sunset card too!

Seuss's Cat said...

Thanks very much - fun to know some people are looking and liking :)