Tuesday, June 23, 2009

SuziBlu Video 1c

Thats right I watched the rest of video 1b whilst doing a bit of sketching and have watched most of 1c. I even drew one of my petites with a body which didn't turn out quite right in regards to the clothes but its all exploration of new things. I did like giving her cat ears though and playing around with her t-shirt but originally I was going for a dress, then the top looked like a t-shirt so I played with that but she was still left with the dress like bottom. Jeans would have been better so maybe next time I will do that.

I plan to watch the rest of that video tonight and do some more sketching as I was supposed to come up with the Doll I wanted to use for my painting by Saturday but being away from Thursday til Sunday hindered that. So I want to sketch some more in general before I move on to using the colours.
Because that is what Class 2 is which went online yesterday. I am off to the cinema tomorrow so that will leave me no time to sketch so Thursday will be when I start playing with my coloured pencils :) However I have a very free weekend at the moment so the plan will be to play to my hearts content.

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