Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm attending a workshop

Thats right I have taken the plunge and bought myself in to a workshop - ok its an online workshop but I am very excited. I never done any official art and so this feels special. There are alot of things on the list to buy and I am not sure if I will buy them all. I will see what I think from the tutorial videos but I am getting the basics. And so at the weekend I ordered lots of nice colouring pencils for all the faces I am going to be drawing - I have joined SuziBlu's Petite Dolls class and they turned up today. They are special looking which I then had to put in colour order to look nice.

I also popped to hobbycraft yesterday and picked up soem basic colour acrylics in big tubes so that I have plenty to play with. I only have little tubes so I will save them for stuff I will do less. We are using them for backgrounds in the class so will be able to just much around and experiment. I picked up flesh colour as well - might need that. I also got a circle template and a sketchbook as we will be doing lots of sketching and then using it in our paintings.
So that starts next week and I plan to have fun.

As for tonight I watched Half Nelson whilst writing to penpals and it put me in a contemplative mood so got some tunes on the stereo and have been finishing off pages in a journal I have from a swap so I can send it home. Here's just a few pages from it.

Bring on tomorrow night which is art night with my friend Nic. I see alot of mess with my new paints happening. I will be sure to take pictures


Anonymous said...

Hey girl. I just joined this class to and am soo excited. I cant wait to see what you create!

Seuss's Cat said...

Thanks Bree. It is going to be lots of fun to see people at work. Thanks for coming by my blog :)