Sunday, June 14, 2009

Playing with paints

Art evening on Thursday was fun although Nic put me to shame with her drawning skills. She recreated a drawing of Bumblebee from transformers and it was very good. She didn't end up painting it but is going to paint it in oils at home so I look forward to seeing it.

I on the other hand headed straight for the paints and just had a bit of play. I was going for the sea and although it could be considered the sea, my other half pointed out it also looks a little like mountains and I agree that because the peaks are quite high it could be seen as mountains as well. Clearly something to develop in the future.

The first of Suzi Blu's classes is up online and I am downloading them now although I am not sure if I will find the time to start playing today. I may try to have a little play though. For now I will go back to watching Chocolat whilst trying to let my burnt skin cool down from the sun getting it yesterday :)

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