Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More Suzi Blu fun

Thats right, I have made my way through half of video 1b which I did Monday Night and then just sketched in front of the tv last night which was fun. And so I have more sketches to share.

So the first is what I was sketching whilst working my way through some of Video 1b, I also had a More magazine next to me so I flicked through that for some inspiration as well.

Then I was sketching whilst watching Hairspray on the TV and was trying to recreate some of their hairstyles which was fun. I might attempt to do something like that for my actual piece but I am going to have more of a play before I decide that.
I have been out drinking with a lady from bookgroup tonight so no sketching but hoping to fit some in tomorrow before I head back to London for the weekend

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