Thursday, April 24, 2008


Thats right I was zening it up last night and created my very first Zen ATC's. I decided to go a little bit different so used black card and silver pen. I really liked the effect it created. I have been worried about creating these before as I just wasn't sure what to create and was worried they would look rubbish. However I have seen many pictures with the rest of my blindswaps group having been making loads over the last couple of months and last night I just fancied it. I got started and really enjoyed it. Rather than worry about what designs I was going to do, I just went with the flow and followed my idea's as they came. This made it very peaceful and enjoyable. And so I give you my zen ATC's :)


Janet said...

I love them! Great choice to use the silver pen on black. Do you post on flickr? They have a couple of zentangle groups with lots of photos.

Seuss's Cat said...

Yes I do post on flickr. I shall be sure to have a look :) Thanks for your lovely comment.