Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Journalling it up

I was journalling it up at the end of last week as it was just me in the house. The first page is making use of my pastels again. Then I did electro city page. This was making use of bits of a birthday card. I love the colours and the black felt on it so wanted to make use of it somehow. I had already cut an ATC background out of it which I have not used yet and decided to make use of the cut off's. I just started laying them on the page and it made me think of tower blocks and such. Thus electro city was created. The side bits are supposed to be liked bits of cloud coming out of the pipe.

Making use of a zen doodle I did on the train to Leeds over a week ago, I created my Zentangle page. I put the original doodle on and though about how I could extend it. I wanted there to be a difference between the

small page and the large page which lead to the using felt pen instead of pencil. I like the effect it created and the hypnotic feel to the page.

I haven't been doing much paper crafting/journalling this week as have been working on a cross stitch piece I am doing. A noah's Ark for my nephew's birthday in June. I started ages ago intending it for his birthday last year and just didn't work on it for ages so am getting on with it and getting it done.

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