Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Works in Progress

So many journal pages I have started and that as such are works in progress. The first was created as a background as such and I have never put anything else over the top. It doesn't necessarily need anything else but I am sure I will.

The lady did not turn out as she should have at all. This was me experimenting with the pastels my friend bought me and I was going for a lady in a flowing dress with flowing hair - almost fairy like. It did not work, in that the whole overall look didn't turn out right and the face is awful. However I am not giving up on this page. I will do something with it, even if it is to write about how it didn't turn out right.

Then you have the garden one which I started as part of an illustration friday and since the deadline passed I have done no more with it. I love the idea when I first started as admitedly it didn't turn out as I had originally in mind I still liked it. I do plan to continue this and then to decide whether to add colour or not. I was umming and ahhing at the time as to whether I would and now I definately have more time to decide.

Finally this journal page is one I started on a train when I was on my way Coventry. It is part zentangling and part bits of conversation from the 4 american youths playing cards. I found aspects of their conversation funny and captured tiny snippets to intrigue the reader. I do plan to add a little colour to this. I only had my biro at the time so I did as much as I could and I have never got back round to adding the colour. Again this is something I will do.

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