Friday, April 11, 2008


I want to work in journals, I feel a need to work in journals and yet none are coming my way at the moment. Its been a bit slow on the swap I am on but I know one is heading my way. I have been looking on and signing up for a couple more journals but the couple I had already signed up for are going nowhere. Odd because you would think I could just work in my journal and I can but somehow I feel more committed to work in a journal that is only mine to work in for a couple of weeks. To have one I can work in anytime does not push me to work in it. Admitedly over the last month I have worked more in my own journal but somehow it is still not the same. I am thinking about setting up my own journal on 1001journals, because it would be nice to see strangers work. But it seems to take so long for sign ups to take place and get going. One I signed up for is closed now, I was the last spot so hopefully the person will send it out soon.
I don't know what I would write in my journal - I see to shy away from writing person stuff in my own journal because then I'll have to look back at it and see it where as I have no problem putting it in someone elses journal and sending it off for people I don't know to read. Weird but not weird I guess. Who knows maybe I will work in my journal this weekend or maybe someone elses journal will turn up to work in.


Anonymous said...


thank you for your kind comments on my bloggy! yes, lia is such a dear & sweet friend...really like a sister to me! & she is on me with some fervor to get cracking on my moleskine she gave me, lol! it's been a while since i did art journaling (due to some many other commitments & distractions, but i do want to get back to my "roots" so to speak...looking/touching/reading lia's wonderful collection of journals was most definitely inspirational!

have a great weekend!

mary ann :0)

cookie said...

I wonder what you will do.