Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Journal Joy

Thats right, I have started a new journal, this one to be used in my swap with Lia. We are going to trade our journals every few weeks so that we end up with a journal with eachothers work in. On my trip to cardiff yesterday I decided I would find a journal and after a small exploration found a great arts store that sold the perfect journal. Smaller than I have worked in before but perfect for putting in your handbag and therefore a take along plus makes it easier to send. Its got a feely cover which I like.

So to celebrate I got started straight away last night, doing a couple of pages plus the background for another. I wanted to have a play with my acrylic paints for creating backgrounds and although myfirst page didn't turn out a originally intended it has taught me a lesson on acrylics and this journal. Its a sketch journal really for dry use and the use of a paint on it had impact on the page. I think If I want to do that again in the future I will do it on paper first and stick into the journal for the background. The yellow you can see through the brown but then I was watering it down a little so thats probably why. I kinda like and dislike my first page as I think it could look better but then it is a learning experience. At the moment I have just done the otherside in purple acrylic but not continued plans yet.

I then was inspired to do my 2nd page by the starting titles of the mighty boosh. Was watching loads last night and loving it which created this page of fun. I found it fun to make and liked the bold colours with the white. The lines make a bold statement which I might use for a background in the future.

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