Thursday, September 04, 2008

Lack of updates

Apologies for no updates recently. Just been distracted by work and having a week off, plus one wedding and another this weekend. Life has gone into overdrive and the art has fallen away.
I don't like the fact the art has fallen away but I am lacking something to draw me back in. I have done a little bit of work in a couple of journals but nothing major. I am unsure what to do at the moment - there are just so many things in my life to get sorted out.
This ATC is one I created over a month ago but had lost track of which I am sending out to a friend as a RAK. It was fun to make as I like drawing in Silver on black. Its a nice effect. I have more images from this collection which are fun and which I had planned to make cards for but as you can see they have not been done yet.
Anyway I just wanted to update you all on the lack of art at the moment. I am off to a wedding this weekend so looking like their won't be any art created this weekend.

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Janet said...

I sure know how it is when life takes over and art falls behind. It seems to happen to me all too often!

Love the ATC. Your art mojo will be back....just relax and let it happen.