Sunday, September 21, 2008

House ATC's

Horray from some crafting actually being done. It was nice to do this and I think they are fun. Plus I am organising this swap so have been seeing all the fantastic cards which have been coming in. Gives me first picks on which cards I would like from the swap. It's nice to do something a bit different, not just the normal shape.

But I am not letting my crafting afternoon/evening finish there, I have lost on the tv, a bit of food on the stove and I am going to continue making things. Working on a couple of cards at the moment, making use of a cat stamp I bought a couple of weeks ago. I am sure I will add photo's later in the week.

Its going to be a busy week as I start my new role within Royal Mail tomorrow being Assistant Business Partner for South West Wales, Kate officially left on Friday for her maternity leave with nice presents. So its just me from now on whilst still keeping my old role going for a few more weeks. This is likely to leave me little time for fun on my computer whilst at work. But there are always the evenings.

Also we got another guinea pig following the death of Takumi about 3 weeks ago. We picked ourselves up a little ginger one as the picture shows and we have named him Dave. Yes I realise this is rather a human name for him (going with our other pig, Patch) but I suggested it as a sort of joke last night and its just seemed right.

So enjoy the art and the cute picture of a guinea pig :)

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Anonymous said...

Aww Dave is cute!