Saturday, September 13, 2008

Christmas Cards

I said about Christmas cards beginning of August and the most I have done is seen some cards I like the look of (from a booklet out of a card magazine) which I am thinking of making. Trying to go for not too difficult to make ones and one's I can make use of some things I already have, so can adapt the slightly.
Actually that's lie, I did buy a stack of Christmas papers 4" by 6" when I went with sam's mum a couple of weeks ago to this cool little stamping shop in London. It had loads of stamps and I did succumb to one even though I don't stamp often. It has 9 little frames which have different aspects of a cat in them. very cute and one I though I could use many times on different cards and postcards.
There was good variety and I was sure I could make use of some of them in my christmas cards.
I have done a little bit of work in Lia's journal but won't put it on here because I like to keep it secret until she gets it!

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