Friday, August 15, 2008

A single page

Thats right, I have done a single page of art this week which I did on Sunday on the train back from London. However I have been preparing for a job interview this week so that has been taking up alot of my time plus we joined the gym which was nice. Anyway I had the interview about an hour ago and it went quite well so fingers crossed. It for a 12 month maternity cover in the Royal Mail who I already work for but its a development move and I'd be working in Cardiff.
Anyway so thats my reason for a lack of art and now I am back to London today for another Hen Do (My cousins this time - I had 3 possible things to attend tonight). So with the interview out of the way, more time for art and I do want to get back into it. So bring it on. I have agreed to host a house shaped ATC swap on a UK group I am in but the due date isn't until mid spetember so gve me time to finish off the couple of things I still need to do. Meaning I will be all clear on commitments (apart from the house ATC's).

So here is my single page. I had some fun colouring the background and then added the couple of business cards I had picked up from our Hen do trip - the Haymarket hotel where we had cream tea and the karoke bar.

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Kari Gibson said...

What a lot of gadding about! Sometimes life just loves to interfer with our art, doesn't it?

Lovely pages!