Monday, August 04, 2008

No craft from Paris

I did no crafting in Paris so there has been an absence of crafting recently. Last night I did some cross stitching whilst watching Catch and Release (I had seen it once already but wanted to watch it with Sam too). It is still the Noah's Ark piece which I find tough to work on, normally I would start doing a small piece and come back to the big piece but with my resolve to finish it before starting something new, this has not happened. I just need to get it out at all times whilst watching TV or something and keep working on it.So this is the last Round III Journal I worked in. You can't read the words but its just saying about the journey of live, growing as we go and learning lessons. It was nice to make use of some of the material flowers as often I am unsure of how to make use of these. When I saw the journal and then this paper I knew I wanted to make use of this paper so when I was hunting for how to embellish the flowers seemed perfect. A nice colourful page I think. Just a couple more round III journals to work on at the moment so I need to have look through and seem what inspires me :)

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