Sunday, July 01, 2007

Music is a helper

So thursday night I think I'll do some crafting before watching House at 9pm. I put some music on - Animal Collective and start thinking about what to create - I'm looking at some of the mailart I have received for my colour call and looking at Fabio Sassi's popart piece inspired me to make an abstract postcard. So I try and think about what I want to do which was when I got thinking about Lia's post about leftovers and little bits so I decide to use tiny pieces to make up a bigger all over piece - so I've got the music m,otivating me along and in spiration has hit me, I work quite quick, cutting little bits here and there, seeing where I think they should go and then gluing it down and the postcard was what came about of it. I really like it, makes me think of the sun but I like the colour and the way it all plays together. Its about 9pm by this time and I think I could watch house but I don't want to stop whilst I am on a roll. So i decide to follow on the same theme because I joined an abstract ATC swap and although I was going to doodle them having been inspired I go with what I've got and so I create the pieces on normal ATC sized card and I like them but feel something is missing. Thats when it hits me to cut bits of the backing card out and I think that makes them look even more abstract. I love them and I hope Ellen who is hosting the swap does too. So it was a motivated thursday and I feel like I am catching up and back into my art rather than feeling like I am behind.


magenta raven said...

I read that you were looking for colour. Please come visit me and take part in one of my mail art calls. Thanks, Perry

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