Monday, July 09, 2007

Grace RAK

I originally started this ATC ages ago when running my butterfly swap, I drew the flower and added the butterfly stickers but was not happy with it. It looked empty and lacking. So it has sat on my bedside table for quite a while. However sometime last week i saw it again and decided that I would make use of it and finish it off, then I would have a card to send to Grace as a return RAK. So I looked at it for a while and decided to add the sun in the corner - this instantly made it feel more like an actual picture rather than just my drawing as such. I felt inspired by one of the other butterfly cards someone did for the swap where they did like a sunset background. Then I added the ladybird in the bottom corner to give it a garden feeling. I felt much better about the ATC after these addition and it has been sitting all sealed in the envelope to send to Grace since last thursday. I am planning on stopping in the post office today on the way to catching my train to rugby so fingers crossed for me getting it sent out!

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