Monday, July 23, 2007

Art last week

Thats right I actually managed to create some art last week. I made a lovely ATC out of some of those bits I bought a week or so ago. I have yet to have made use of the papers yet but I do have some plans for them. I made R is for Retro. When i saw those 3D stickers I immediately had any idea for this ATC, thinking of the colours and what I had that I could to add to it. I like it. Now I just have to think what I can do with the rest of the stickers. I am sure inspiration will hit me at some point. I finished off the work I had done for Bonnies Journal and this has now been safely sent off. I love the patterned paper I had and I like the things I used for texture. For the final E, I was orginally going to use sequins but I could not find them so I used felt instead. The felt probably has a nicer texture anyway. The theme of bonnies journal was favourite things and so I chose colour and texture. This is because I love colourful things and am always buying colourful stickers and stationary but as the same time i love feeling the texture of things. Thats right I am a toucher - I have been told of many a time by my fiancee for touching things as we walk around shops and such but i like feeling them - it makes a much more fun experience! The final thing I worked on was my 1st inchie - thats right I have finally created an inchie - it was to swap with Sherrie as we did it to encourage eachother to make one and I had received hers weeks ago so am happy to have finally made it. I like this but I found it very hard to work on such a small thing. The background was easy but in terms of picture and such I found this a real challenge so am unsure as to whether I will make more of these in the future. Depends if I can think of something to make that small. However with the limited time I seem to have to spend on crafting at the moment, this will probably fall on the back burner for a while as have journals to complete, ATC's to make for swaps and need to continue making pieces to send out in return for my Mail Art Colour swap! Maybe a free weekend or such will pop up soon. Who knows!

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