Tuesday, August 07, 2007

August is here

and with it has come some nice weather here in the UK - the weather last weekend was gorgeous and I spent much time enjoying it whilst at an all day BBQ - much fun had.

However on the art front not much happened this weekend but I realise it had been a couple of weeks since I posted and I have done some art in that time, its just racking my brains to remember. What I do know is that I went to this place about half an hour away which has all these small shops, one's people have set up themselves and well there were a few craft shops there. So I had a nosey around and yes you can guess - I bought some bits. I bought some scrapbooking papers (not necessarily for scrapbooking) because so far I have not actually managed to get any scrapbooking done but I am sure it will get used for many things. I got some peel off's which gave me idea's which I wrote down but have not actually created yet!

I also bought some embellishments - some tiny feet brads for an ATC idea I had and some travel one's to make some ATC's and I did make one - a flying one. I also have a boat and a car so it will follow along the same theme.

I did start some bits for some colour Mail Art to send out in return for some that I have received. One is a rainbow card but I am still deciding what words to put on it. One was a colour mirage underneath with a black cut out over the top - like when you make snowflakes. I liked the effect.

I made a nie thank you card for my sister Cayleigh as she sent me cool Spongebob notepads from over in the states - for that I used some of the paper I bought on my shopping trip.

Lastly I made a shaker ATC which was in the July 4th theme so much Red, white and blue. We had use part of a specific image hence the 4 behind the glitter but I thought it looked like a fun ATC. So the winner of the draw has it winging its way to them and hopefully it'll make a nice part of their collection. I am planning on maybe making a couple more shaker ATC's but depends whether I feel I have a theme that fits.

Was waiting to put pictures on 1st before publishing but going to be a couple of days so will publish and add photo's later! Enjoy

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