Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bank Holiday weekend

Thats right the bank holiday weekend is over and its back to work where of course it is busy. However I did find some time to do some crafting over the weekend and so I have things to show.

I finally finished my postcards for a postcard swap on one of my yahoogroups. The theme was hues & shades which meant you could only use one colour but to make best use of it by using many different shades of that colour.

The 1st one I made was the swirls one - I have a punch and I just though all the little swirls looked fab - then i though if all the little swirls made one big swirl it would be like it grew and then you could imagine it went on and on. So using different shades of blue that is what I did although it took alot of time to glue all the little swirls down.
Then i made this purple one - i liked the ideas of rain drops and then I thought if I did it in purple it would be purple rain which of course makes everyone think of the prince song. So i went with idea. I would have liked to have tried to incorporate more shades of purple but time was running short giving me a little less time to play around and see how far I could develop my ideas.

This final one was inspired from a card magazine which showed you how to make a windmill in 10 mins. It was very easy to make the windmills although I changed the size and of course the colours of the paper. I was amazed at what a great effect it created. I showed it to my fiancees Mum (she makes alot of her own cards with her friend and have their own small business as such between them) and she was saying how it could be used to make some great christmas cards - she's right - I may start playing with some different papers to try for a snowflake effect. This is definately something I am going to have a play with when I get a bit more time. Also makes me think of a rosette.

So I have sent these 3 safely off to be swapped and cannot wait to see what I get back. Who knows - I may end up sending them to people if I think it would be something they'd like!

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