Friday, August 24, 2007

Keep feeling bad

because I haven't updated pictures yet to include them on here to which I apologise to all you lovely people. I will do though. Something to put into action this bank holiday weekend. Thinking about what projects I haven't included pictures of over the last couple of posts and getting on it!

So how is everyone? Here in the UK its a bankholiday weekend so an extra day of work on monday - horray! Always a good thing. Plus gives time for some crafting. I have idea's and things I want to work on so must get on with them.

I was put on to the Dover samples from one of my yahoogroups so I am getting sent them every week. I looked on their website at some of the samples which helped me with an idea I had partly formed. Its not a completed work yet but involves some nice paper I bought that I though I posted about on here but don't seem to have done and a lion.

I finally finished a piece of work to send out for my colour call, a rainbow shaped card I made and it was just getting the words I wanted on it and in what order. Picture to be added at later date.

I would love to send it as it is but will put it in an envelope as the foot postcard I made which you can view in a previous post never made it to michael and I did not put it in an envelope. I want to make another postcard for michael but may put it in an envelope this time so it definately gets there. Its disappointing to have to do that but at the same time its sad to think my work is lost in the postal ethos. Although someone may have liked it so much, they took it home but that is still theft.

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