Wednesday, September 05, 2007

less paper but more stitching

as the title suggests I have done less paper craft of recent just because I haven't found the time but I have been doing a bit more cross stitching as this is something I can do whilst watching TV and therefore making me social with the family as well. If I am papercrafting - I am up in my room, mess surrounding me and therefore much more anti social.

Anyway I received my postcards back from the swap and I shall post pictures of them on my received blog as such in the next couple of days.
I finally finished some stitching for a coaster I was doing as part of a series for my family in the states so decided to do something else whilst looking for my next piece for a coaster. I had just received through the newest cross stitch mag I subscribe to and it had some great halloween pieces in them. So over the weekend I popped into Hobbycraft to pick up the threads I was missing and made a start on what you see above. This I am either going to turn into a card or I am going to make into a bag so that I can send it to my family in the states for them to put their halloween candy in. I think I like the bag idea more its just whether I can work out how to do it.
Anyway I am also going to make a halloween piece as a framed piece so that I can have it to put out around halloween - My stepdads newest wife Angie has loads of ornaments themed around seasons and special occasions. I like the idea - I have quite alot of stuff for christmas but for other stuff not really. I mean I know halloween isn't that big a thing in the UK as it is in the states but I stitch loads of things for other people and I liked the picture so I am thinking I should make something for me.
I will be sure to include pictures once I start making it!

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