Thursday, September 06, 2007

Halloween Inchies

Thats right I actually made a couple of halloween inchies last night. Having got all the bits to do my halloween stitching and with an episode of House on my DVD player I set to work, creating the pattern to stitch the spider and the bad. That took a bit of time, playing around with how manay stitches and such so it looked likie it should but on a small scale. Spent ages trying to work out what angles I wanted the legs on my spider. Then i stitched them, I had already made cut the backgrounds up so it was a matter of deciding what ton put on them, i decided to draw on them and then adding my stitching. I am happy with them, i think they look cool and I hope Bonnie likes them when she receives them in our swap. I am going to try and do a couple more before sending them out to her. She's being lovely and letting me send however I make rather than have a set number - bless her.
I know the pictures aren't great and I may replace with better ones in next couple of days. I just wanted to get something up!


zinkibaru said...

I love your inchies, don't know how you can work so small!

Seuss's Cat said...

I didn't really think I could work that small either as I tried before and found it really tricky but having a theme really helped. They are small and I do prefer something a bit bigger but these ones were really fun to make.